China-Africa Israel Innovation Exchange Center

Based on existing sales channel and the innovative high value-added technology and products, hold agents conference per week. Agents from China and Africa gather in Israel to visit and exchange cutting-edge technologies. 

Investment Funds

Discover cutting-edge innovative startups. Invest and grow together.

Setup investment funds for innovative biological and medical technology. Provide initial funds and industry experience to help startup to grow.

R&D Center

R&D Center Keep exploring. Reach your health goal.

Take the world’s leading high value-added innovation advantage, research and development, co-work with biological and medical equipment startups in Israel.

Agent Conference

Product promotion and agent conferences. A caring agent community to help you to succeed.

Hold innovative product promotion meetings and agent conferences to promote exchanges and cooperation among startups.The main content of this conference is to exchange each other’s products, research, development achievements, and business strategies and prospects for the future.

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