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The agent conference will be held every Sunday at Tel-Aviv, Israel. To enhance the cooperation of China-Africa and Israel, it is meaningful to build the exchange platform of innovative high-tech products, technologies and startups.



/ Year

Bronze Partnership. To attend the agent conference once per year.

  • Product Recommendation
  • Product Training
  • Market Analysis

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/ Year

Silver Partnership. To attend the agent conference twice per year.

  • Progress tracking
  • Smart notification
  • Market Research

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/ Year

Gold Partnership.To attend the agent conference at least twice per year.

  • Market tracking
  • Opportunity notification
  • Market Strategy

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Target Audience


  • Individual business men who want to seize the huge opportunity of healthcare industry
  • Managers from all kinds of traditional industries
  • Medical/Healthcare industry practitioners
  • Startups

2022 Agent Registration Form
请如实填写代理商注册信息,参会人信息将上交以色列大使馆 - Step 1 of 3


(请点击以上产品图片选择本次代理商大会上您感兴趣的产品: 1. uHealth智能眼镜, 专为失明或视障人士设计; 2. uHealth房颤医疗级手表,FDA认证,远程心脏病居家预警、房颤筛查、鼾症检测; 3. uHealth帕金森远程诊疗专家,为家中老人提供远程帕金森/老年痴呆症等神经退行性疾病的早期监测诊断和治疗方案,FDA认证,连接美国及以色列顶级医学专家提供远程诊疗服务。)